Over the past few weeks I have discussed issues of sustainability and ethical consumption with this blog. So what are the take home messages that I have found? First of all, I have discussed the merit of recycling; up cycling and eating locally sourced foods. I have also looked into other issues such as why […]

Over the weekend I found myself in Basingstoke waiting for a friend to finish work. Instead of waiting in the freezing cold, I ventured into the huge shopping centre nearby. A rush of shoppers, noise, sights and sounds suddenly overcame me. I then found myself spending more money than was absolutely necessary, and actually caught […]

So this week Bangor has welcomed a new corporate giant to town. We probably all know what and where it is, but how did they suck us in so quickly? I didn’t go to the opening, so these are thoughts from the other side of the fence. All I heard in the morning of its […]

Recycling is still an important issue in a society that throws 87% of their rubbish onto landfill sites, which could just as easily be recycled into new products (recycling-guide). So what are the factors that could contribute to an increase in recycling behaviours in the general public? Research has proposed that there are extrinsic influences […]

There is a relatively new revolution in the consumer world concerning the ways in which we can deal with the waste generated from our own consumption habits. Recycling can be considered a form of ‘down-cycling’ as it involves breaking it down before it can be used to produce a new product. But what if there […]

I love these sausages. I think they are the best. So tasty, reduced fat, sold at a competitive price and they generally set my world on fire. The pork and leek ones are the dog’s nuts. And they’re also from a local company called Edwards of Conwy. Some of the best food that you can […]

I know that when I go shopping, I use labels on items as a signal for quality. I try to go for free range and fair trade products which are often signified with their labels. However, price is always a niggling factor that may impede my choice for sustainable products. Is this a phenomenon that […]